A Cleaner, Greener Future.

Hello to our GWM Haval Edenvale family!

In our beautiful country of South Africa, a remarkable transformation is taking place: hybrids are rapidly yet silently becoming the vehicle of choice. No longer relegated to the domain of eco-warriors with unkempt hair and a penchant for campfire songs, hybrids are now capturing the attention of a wide range of motorists.

Let’s banish the outdated stereotypes about hybrids once and for all. The ever-increasing cost of fuel and the concern about our environment has undoubtedly contributed to the growing popularity of hybrid vehicles. One of which, is our delightful H6 HEV.

Sophisticated, Yet Balanced Power.

The H6 HEV stands out as an impressive SUV capable of seamlessly transitioning between electric power and a blend of electric and its 2-litre internal combustion engine (ICE). This eliminates the need to rely on Eskom for charging, as the ICE engine handles it all.

Forget about plugs, worries of load shedding, or the hassle of finding charging stations on long journeys.

When a burst of speed or acceleration is required, the ICE smoothly kicks in to deliver the necessary power without any manual intervention or distractions.

While driving the H6 HEV, I instinctively adapted my driving style to minimise ICE usage. I naturally gravitated towards smooth acceleration and deceleration, avoiding abrupt braking to preserve battery power.


The Haval H6 HEV is an SUV that has it all, from its expansive panoramic sunroof to its cutting-edge 360-degree cameras. Every detail is designed to elevate your driving experience.

You might have trouble finding excuses for any dings that appear on your car when you hear about the safety features of this SUV. The 360 degree camera is viewable through the H6 HEV’s 12.3-inch Multimedia Touch Display. It also has rear collision warning, automatic emergency braking, intelligent dodge technology, and more.


Unmistakable Appeal.

The striking exterior design of the H6 HEV is complemented by its array of impressive interior features. As diesel vehicles are being phased out globally for passenger use, the H6 HEV emerges as the solution for fuel efficiency. If you seek a hybrid SUV that blends style with performance seamlessly, the H6 HEV is the ideal option for you. Contact us to schedule a test drive and experience it firsthand. Plus, during your visit, indulge in a distinctive cup of coffee from the “I Love Coffee” roastery – we can’t wait to welcome you. Warm regards Graham Obery Dealer Principal GWM Haval Edenvale